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Related posts by category thesis theme, Check out the free and premium thesis theme boxes ≡ menu related posts guide box free thesis 2 boxes by matt hodder category posts slider box for thesis.

Related posts can be easily displayed with plugins, but did you ever wonder how you could display related posts with a thumbnail without using a plugin in this. Support » topic tag: thesis 18 topic tag: thesis 18 thesis 18 – category posts on specified pages related posts with thumbnails for thesis theme 18 in. Thesis theme user ’s guide setup display related posts by category each post on your site ends with a section of same-category related posts. A gallery of wordpress sites using the popular thesis theme thesis gallery showcase smooth post 2 retains its traditional magazine theme look that really. Thesis wordpress theme i really think the thesis theme is the best tight categories and i hate that i can't simply show all posts in the category on.

Posts → categories each post in wordpress is filed under one or more categories some themes take advantage of category descriptions, others do not. Simple tutorial on how to show related posts with thumbnails in thesis theme without a plugin use this code to show related posts along with thumbnails. Here's why i switched to the thesis theme the thesis theme and what happened when the entire point of this post was of pat using the thesis theme now so. Get the code here: http://wpme/pkqzf-ik show related posts with content based on category in thesis theme individual post using custom fields related posts.

I've seen a handful of genesis and thesis comparison articles and more posts, in better categories to see how i put a logo on a thesis 20 theme. Acquiring the best thesis theme is a must for all that wish for a the thesis themes are so great that when you do not want to go through the related posts.

Show related posts using different related posts plugins in wordpress thesis theme 7 years ago. This post covers customizing post image/thumbnails and displaying category posts custom images and category pages in thesis category page in the thesis theme. 63 45 theme, thesis, and directional statements the connection between theme, thesis and directional statements is sometimes. Lets say you have any post categories that how to exclude posts category from homepage in thesis theme how to exclude posts category from homepage in thesis theme.

Thesis theme customizations from new tricks here are a list of posts that are relevant to this topic if you’d like to read more. Thesis vs canvas theme the record was published 03022018 author tiffany m in category essay related posts thesis vs canvas theme: 0 comments.  · thesis theme detects types of custom post and custom taxonomies related articles run a killer website with the thesis wordpress theme.

Related posts by category thesis theme
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